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How To Get Listed On Yahoo

Getting your website listed on search engines such as Yahoo is critical to the success of your website.  There are many ways to get your site listed on yahoo and as with everything some ways are better than others.  A popular way to get listed is to pay money to a search engine submission service and then hope that you get listed.  However, these services cost you money and its not a guarantee when you will actually get indexed by Yahoo.

A more effective way of getting listed on Yahoo is to get a link to your website on another website that often gets crawled by yahoo, so yahoo finds your site naturally on its own.  When yahoo finds your website on its own, its more likely to crawl your website because it will be more relevant to what it is currently indexing.

With the Search Engine Open Directory Project (www.SEODP.org), we work with all the major search engines, constantly having them crawl our site maps so they easily find websites that are listed in our web directory.  Every website listed in the Open Directory Project gets its own individual custom page with content that you choose, so its completely relevant to your website.  Yahoo will find this page in our system and then find your website because of it.

Get Your Website Listed On Yahoo
To get your website listed on yahoo simply submit it for inclusion into the Search Engine Open Directory Project by following these easy steps:
  • Go to the homepage: Open Directory Project
  • Pick the appropriate main category
  • Select the appropriate sub-category
  • Click on "Submit Website" near the top of the sub-category page
  • Fill out the submission form and follow the instructions for each of the form fields
We work hard to approve your website quickly, usually within a few hours.